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Allegra (b.1991) was the first member of Art4All. She started in January 2016 and has been a key member of the studio, bringing to us her great sense of humour.

Allegra had a brain injury due to lack of oxygen at birth and suffered from seizures. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6.

Everything Allegra achieves, is completed at her own pace. She has learnt by copying from her older cousins and from her brother Yacob. Allegra’s specialist Doctors from Harley Street regard her as a miracle.

She attended school at St Anthony’s in Margate before moving to the Foreland School in Broadstairs and then on to Westgate College, where she first met Sandra.

Together, Allegra and Sandra create wonderful abstract paintings of which many have been snapped up quickly when put up for sale. Allegra’s ability in creating beautiful pieces has gone from strength to strength. She has a wonderful natural ability applying broad brush strokes and enjoying throwing and dripping paint with Sandra at her side.


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