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After contracting Meningitis as a child, Gareth (b.1984) attended 'The Royal School for Deaf Children', Margate and has remained a resident of Thanet ever since. The illness left him profoundly deaf and autistic.

Gareth’s art has become a passion through which he relaxes and expresses himself. Art helps to relax Gareth’s mind from all the noise in his head, breathing in sync with his brush strokes.

Gareth is deaf, autistic and non-verbal, using British Sign Language. Although he struggles to communicate, he does this through the unique work he creates.

It can take Gareth a few hours to many weeks to complete one painting.

Gareth is a self-taught drawer of faces and is instinctive with colour. Through composition guidance, Gareth’s paintings have now developed and lead to many sales. His paintings are proudly displayed in new homes both in the UK and further afield.


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