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Nessie (b.2005) is a Deaf girl with autism and cerebral palsy who loves dogs, monkeys, painting and cooking. Painting is her absolute joy. It takes her to a different world.

Nessie is non-verbal and uses British Sign Language. She is proving herself to be a natural abstract painter and at the age of 14 her artwork received an award from the Turner Centre. Nessie loves the act of applying paint to any surface.

With some colour guidance, Nessie creates layered paintings using a brush or palette knife, allowing each layer to dry. It can take many weeks to complete a piece and typically she works on several artworks at a time.

Nessie also uses a stencil and has produced a series of Dog paintings. The process is far more important to Nessie than the outcome or how the painting will ultimately end up or what the viewer may think.

Nessie has sold many of her paintings, some have found their way to new homes and notably one to a boutique hotel in Lebanon and one to Australia.


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